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Richard K. Kloss
Powder Processing Inc.
306 Winding Brook Lane
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Purdue University
B.S. Chemical Engineering
University of Cincinnati
M.S. Chemical Engineering (coursework completed)


3,598,874 Preparation of Chlorohydrins
3,616,385 Chlorine and Chloride Free Hypochlorous Acid
by Electrodialysis


Powder Processing Inc.  2000 to Present                                                                  
Custom Manufacturing and Consultant Services

President and Owner

Powder Processing Inc provides custom manufacturing services and on-site consultation in the areas of grinding, blending, micronizing, classifying, drying and all other processes relating to powders.

Responsibilities include industry consulting, corporate development, customer interaction, problem definition, process development, and production supervision.

Consulted for a major pharmaceutical company and resolved the problems associated with the manufacturing of an important active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) at their plant in France so that the API could be produced in specification and used in the USA.

Solved the manufacturing problems associated with the process for granulating a hot chocolate powder at the customer’s plant so that the product met bulk density, particle size distribution and dissolution specifications. 

Development of cryogenic, cGMP milling and size classification process for a temperature and moisture sensitive pharmaceutical wax.  This is in advanced stage clinical studies.

In order to meet stringent particle size requirements, developed micronization process for activated carbon product. Production: 5000 lb. per run.

Developed the cGMP cooling process that allowed a high temperature wax blend/granulation to cool and maintain its form as a granulation rather than congealing into large chunks.

Developed a cryogenic milling process for a pharmaceutical that melts at body temperature and produced product for animal screening studies.

Developed milling process for an organic salt that reduced fines production by over 50% and brought product into specification.  Production: 17,000 lb. per run.

Developed size classification process for magnesium sulfate that removed the oversized particles while retaining its crystalline properties. Production: 20,000 lbs. per run.

Shamrock Technologies  1995 to 2000

Manager of Custom Manufacturing

Initial designer and developer of Shamrock’s contract manufacturing services.

Responsibilities included business development, customer interaction, problem definition, process development, production supervision, process and cleaning validations, and installation and Operational Qualifications.

Designed and constructed a facility for processing, powdered pharmaceutical products within a very constraining budget. Hired and supervised the production staff.

Operated the pharmaceutical processing facility consistent with cGMP’s.  Established the SOP’s, conducted the cleaning validations and supervised the Installation and Operational Qualification of the facility and equipment.

Developed and supervised the milling and classifying of a polyester powder to an absolute range of 43 microns to 125 microns.

Developed supervised the process for grinding a very friable OTC product that made the product suitable for direct compression.  Production: 400 lb. per hour with a 10 hp mill

Installed pneumatic powder transport system to improve material handling.

Developed blending/granulating and drying process for temperature sensitive nutritional product.

Warner-Lambert  1993 to 1995

Senior Research Associate

Responsibilities included Pilot Plant Scale-Up, Plant Trials, Plant Start-Ups, and Rolaids Team Leader.

Conducted the in-plant process scale-up and start-up of a new two layer tablet for Efferdent utilizing a Fette tablet press.  Control of particle size distribution was critical to a successful operation.

Saved the introduction of a new chewable tablet that could not be validated due to a lack of uniformity after blending.  Utilized pilot scale equipment to create a new manufacturing/blending process.  Started-up the process in the plant and assisted with the validation.

Improved the Rolaids drying process that resulted in a 5% increase in production capacity.  Developed a new Rolaids with a better mouth feel by decreasing the mean value of the particle size of all the dry ingredients.

SmithKline Beecham  1976 to 1993

Manager of Process Development and Technical Service for the Western Hemisphere 

Responsibilities included Pilot Plant Scale-Up, Plant Trials,
Plant Start Ups, Process Validation, Process Trouble Shooting, and Contract Manufacture Selection.  Supervised a staff of 24.

Developed new ENO process for Beecham plant in Caracas, Venezuela, specified new equipment and started-up/validated the process resulting in a $100,000 yearly savings.

Consulted on ENO powder processing and toothpaste manufacturing issues at Beecham plants in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Saved Canadian ENO brand by solving product uniformity problem due to improper bulk powder handling following a plant relocation and process reconfiguration that resulted in an inability to produce acceptable product.

Conducted the process development, scale-up, equipment selection and start-up of the N’ICE manufacturing process.  Supplied ongoing technical support.

Reduced toothpaste manufacturing batch cycle time by 25% by changing the process from a low shear mixer to a high shear mixer.  Developed a continuous toothpaste manufacturing process.

Team Leader for critical Rx to OTC switch projected at $20 million in sales, developed the manufacturing process, selected the site, negotiated with contract manufacturer, and produced pivotal, start-up and validation batches.


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