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Richard Kloss owns and operates Powder Processing Inc. specializing in powder grinding, blending, micronizing, classifying, drying and all other processes related to powders.

Annual sales are in the range of $1 million per year. This is the Company's 13 year anniversary.

Mr. Kloss has contracted with about 15 companies across the USA for manufacturing. Each company has been personally inspected by Mr. Kloss. He is responsible for selecting the manufacturing plant best suited for a new customer's products and then personally develops the process in the selected plant. This gives Mr. Kloss the opportunity to select and develop the most efficient process with the best equipment for his customers.

Mr. Kloss is responsible for the process development, manufacturing and quality testing of all the products produced by Powder Processing Inc.

He also develops and selects the Quality Control test equipment necessary to assure that the products are produced within the specification. He often helps the customer select a specification that is consistent with the customer's intended use for the product.

Mr. Kloss is an expert in all the powder processes listed in his website
and is very knowledgeable in the equipment and procedures associated with quality assurance testing of powders.

He is frequently asked as a consultant to solve problems in customer's own plants. See a separate listing of Mr. Kloss' recent consulting experience.

As the Manager of Process Development and Technical Service for Beecham's Western Hemisphere from 1976 to 1993, Mr. Kloss frequently traveled to Beecham's plants in Caracas, Venezuela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina and Toronto, Canada for the purpose of consulting and resolving local manufacturing issues.

Here are some of his recent accomplishments as President of Powder Processing Inc.

  • Developed all the manufacturing processes and Q.C. test procedures for the powders used by the Z Corporation in their 3 Dimensional Z-Printing equipment.
  • Solved the powder micronization problems associated with the manufacture of an active pharmaceutical ingredient at the customer's plant in France. Reference: Confidential
  • Consulting for different companies in the area of powder processing: Most recently solved a difficult hot chocolate manufacturing problem by modifying, adjusting and optimizing the plant's equipment. Reference available on request.
  • Solved a spray drying equipment problem for ACH Food Corporation in Champaign, Illinois. No reference as the plant was closed this year.
  • Developed the processes for making many non-food products at Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems in Summit, NJ and has used their equipment to produce numerous products.
  • Developed many small volume powder manufacturing processes including nutriceuticals that are currently being produced at one of his plants in Holtsville, NY. Reference: John Takakjian, Vice President
  • Developed many large volume powder manufacturing processes for food and nutraceutical products at M & M Milling in Texarkana, AR. Reference: Holmes Morel, President
  • Developed numerous more routine powder blending, grinding and micronizing processes at a number of companies. Mr. Kloss is an expert in cryogenic grinding of difficult and low melting products.
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